Beside using POV-Ray together with my 3D-Scanner, I made some other graphics with POV-Ray as well. Some images were entrants for the IRTC. Higher resolution images in the png format (without annoying compression artifacts) are available on e-mail request. Note that the png images have a size up to 3MB.
Many years later, a faster computer and POV-Ray 3.7 with multi-threading support, made it possible to render a 2560x1600 XL variant. The rendering took ~41hours on a 2,5GHz Quad Core AMD Phenom. It really looks better. I promise to make a XXL (4K) variant as soon as the those displays are common and computers are again a lot faster. Maybe 2020...2025. infinityXL.png (4.1MB)

Animation with POV-Ray

Video: The Jump The Jump - a short animation. The animation can be viewed in HD on Youtube.
POV-Ray can be used for benchmarks too.